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Strengthening customer relationships with a digital hub


Arisco Risk Consultants is a leading Swiss consulting firm in the field of full-service B2B risk management. In addition to the face-to-face contact that is so important for its business, ARISCO wants to make greater use of digital channels to the benefit of its business and to strengthen its customer relationships. To accompany its refined positioning, an interactive, informative and personalised digital hub reflecting Arisco's new image was created to serve as a central marketing platform.


personal advisors in the digital hub to satisfy different preferences 


forms in 4 languages available to download and fill in directly 


-fold increase in LinkedIn followers in the first 6 months 

Arisco ensures that its clients take advantage of opportunities to manage their risks in the areas of insurance, pensions and assets. This became the central claim of the new positioning; "Dangers in sight – opportunities in your grasp". This solution-orientated focus was broken down to the structure of the services and made clear in the new image: smart, informative, personal, with the customers and their questions at the heart of it all.

Intelligent and interactive digital hub as central marketing platform

Current topics and informative reports are published on the central marketing touchpoint, the intelligent website. From the website, which acts as a digital hub, the newsletter is sent out and data is collected. Downloadable and directly editable forms are also available to customers. Thanks to the customisable settings, the visitor can choose their preferred advisor or edit their preferred topics of interest themselves.

Targeted measures with Marketing as a Service (MaaS) from Calydo

For ongoing marketing activities, Arisco uses Calydo's Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering for ongoing awareness building and lead generation. Together with Arisco, Calydo creates the ongoing marketing plan, writes articles, and publishes them on Arisco's digital touchpoints, from the website, to the newsletter, to social media.

“Thanks to Calydo's Marketing as a Service, we can devote more time to our core tasks. Calydo generates a buzz on social media, helps us to plan our marketing activities and actively manages touchpoints such as the website and newsletter. This allows us to highlight themes that are relevant to us.”

Ivo Flüeler, CEO ARISCO