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Schwyzer Kantonalbank developed its Strategy 2023 and onwards in 2021/2022 by means of a participative process, supported by our sister company Hotz Brand Consultants. To provide a framework for this strategy, the philosophy and purpose of SZKB was refined and formulated beforehand. We were involved in the process from the very beginning and helped the Schwyzer Kantonalbank to establish targeted, transparent, consistent and clear internal communication as part of the strategy process.

Als Rahmen wurde davor der Sinn & Zweck der SZKB geschärft und formuliert. Wir waren von Beginn an in den Prozess involviert und unterstützten die Schwyzer Kantonalbank beim Aufbau einer zielgerichteten, transparenten, konsequenten und klaren internen Kommunikation im Rahmen des Strategieprozesses.

Involving the employees

For external communications, a concept was developed and central core messages were defined in collaboration with SZKB's marketing and communications team. Communications are implemented by the SZKB team.

Our work focused on embedding the bank's philosophy and purpose, communicating the strategy content and involving the employees. Calydo developed a basic communications concept for SZKB with an overarching story and key visuals for internal communications as well as the editorial plan for implementation via the intranet and employee events. Communications were structured into three levels: information, dialogue and collaboration.