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Strategic Real Estate Marketing

Successful real estate marketing and consulting across all phases

We accompany real estate developers, property owners, general contractors, realtors and marketers from development to marketing and beyond. We address the target groups along the customer journey with a customised marketing mix, including social media activities. At the right time, via the appropriate channel, with relevant content. By using intelligent digital tools, we also strengthen the relationship between real estate agents and potential clients.

We have been supporting real estate projects of all kinds for years

Whether commercial, residential or site development, from a small project to a large development, rental property or luxury property: every property, every house, every property is unique. We have built up and strengthened our expertise in real estate over the past years. in the positioning of sites and in the conception and implementation of individual and integrated marketing solutions through to the letting or sale of properties. We have got real estate marketing ideas and marketing strategies for every phase of the project, we write related articles, direct mails, produce (image) movies and much more.

From branding to SEO – everything from a single source

We think of real estate marketing as a whole, from an independent appearance that creates recognition to individual marketing measures. Through the "Sense of Place" story, we convey the vision of the lifestyle on a site or property and the basis for its identity. We look at each property individually and holistically. With targeted digital and accompanying measures along the customer journey, we create visibility for the project and generate leads for successful marketing – on all touchpoints, from the real estate marketing website to social media camapaings. We continuously measure the impact for agile marketing that is adapted to the effect.

We are experts in digital real estate marketing

User-focused interaction options for a perfect experience are central to us. The mobile-first, completely responsive and SEO-optimized real estate website is at the heart of the customer experience. The experience offered by a property is enhanced with the property configurator, movies, 360° tours, virtual tours (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We generate conversions via SEO, but also offline touchpoints such as brochures, posters, advertisements and building site communication. Always networked to ensure the customer journey via offline and online.

We create convincing real estate marketing strategies

We have got real estate marketing ideas for your real estate agents to easily convince potential buyers. Core of the real estate marketing strategy is a mobile-friendly real estate website for each project. With the use of latest technologies to facilitate decision-making, marketing becomes cost-effective is of high-quality. Due to preselection you only have to meet potential clients, home buyers or tenants face-to-face that are truly interested and relevant.

Our property configurator

The only housing and property configurator independent of the real estate industry, developed by us, is a easy-to-use pocket-sized showroom and extremely helpful for renting or selling to potential buyers. It can be customized for every project, is interface-compatible with CRM/BIM and fully responsive. User-friendliness and excellent UX were particularly important here. It can be used to explore and customise any property, and optimizations can be made to a project as early as the planning phase.

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"We are experts in real estate marketing and develop real estate positioning, brands and marketing concepts tailor-made for each project, its target groups and utilisation concepts. In doing so, we use the best digital possibilities for measurable success."

Samir Ganouchi, Director Real Estate Marketing

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