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Transformation and Innovation Communication

Leading change to success with transparent communication

Takeovers, mergers, reorganisations: During transformation processes, the right communication is crucial. We work with you to define the right story and plan analogue and digital measures that create transparency and orientation - for all stakeholders, both internal and external.

We are experts in transformation communication in every area

Corporate transformations bring with them their own unique communication challenges, and different types of transformations require different types of communication. We provide communications support for (international) change management, mergers, spin-offs, restructuring and succession planning and are also experts in crisis communications, crisis management and reputation management. We cover the entire range of communications, from internal communications to (digital) corporate events for employees.

We take care of the entire communication and its planning

We accompany the entire process with an overarching communication strategy and planning as well as a convincing, consistent story. In close cooperation with our clients, we take over the implementation at all touchpoints vis-à-vis employees, customers and partners and, if desired, also the public relations work. If desired, we can take a comprehensive look at each project at the outset and provide a stakeholder analysis.

We ensure smooth processes

A company transformation extends over many phases. The process is already part of the communication. Who will be involved? How is communication regulated among those involved during the process? How will the results of the work be documented or important exchanges of views be enabled? We guide you in the communication that is appropriate for the successful implementation and anchoring of your transformation.

With skilful stakeholder management, everyone pulls in the same direction

By involving all stakeholders, and in particular employees, at an early stage, we ensure that everyone gets involved together and becomes stakeholders and later ambassadors. Early engagement with all stakeholders and planning how to inform them prevents unforeseen barriers. With skilful internal branding and employer branding, we also increase employee engagement in phases of transformation.

Change impact – transformation expertise for cooperatives

Together with our two partners Andreas Moser (am4change GmbH) and Hilmar Gernet ( GmbH), our consultants design participative processes to develop individual transformation strategies, moderate change processes and initiate constructive dialogues with all stakeholders. With an emotional story and meaningful messages, we ensure consistent, strategic global communication across all touchpoints - digital and analogue.

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"Transformation always means change – and change always means opportunities. These just have to be made visible and communicated."

Daniel Bärlocher, Head of Marketing Communication

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By implementing smart concepts, we support our customers in achieving their business goals.

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