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Providing relevant and personal communication with a digital hub

Brand & Corporate Communication

No junk mail, please! Surely you have seen the sticker adorning countless letterboxes. Even in the digital world, we only want to receive offers that interest or even surprise us. By building a smart website, businesses can attract and retain customers in exactly the same way.

Reading tracks

Do you – as the person responsible for communication or marketing in your company – read your customers' tracks? Are you using the world of data to acquire an even better understanding of your customers? To create even better interactions with them? Are you using today's technological possibilities to address them with relevant content at exactly the right moment?

Integrating data

To get the best out of the data, the first thing you need to do is bring it all together. Only when the data from all touchpoints is integrated can communication measures be orchestrated and personalised. Otherwise, there is a risk that the customer will not feel as though they are being taken seriously, let alone personally addressed, if they are prominently offered items on the website that they have just purchased in the shop.

Getting started with a smart website

A central platform is therefore essential, and ideally it starts with a smart website. Every company today has a website or a webshop, and for many companies the website is a central point of interaction and the first point of contact for customers.

If a company were to build a new website today, right from the outset it should be providing the site with the intelligence currently available, but in a forward-looking way. Visitor A gets to see something different to visitor B. The website learns which visitor is interested in which information and responds to this by showing appropriate content. In the course of this, data on user behaviour is continuously collected, which can be used to further improve the customer experience.

The content can be gradually optimised so that target groups can be addressed in an increasingly targeted and, above all, fully automated manner with personally relevant content. For an unknown visitor, you may want to have a newsletter registration pop-up appear after a certain amount of time. With a known visitor, perhaps it might be better present a product that complements a recent purchase well.

From smart website to digital hub

However, this is only the start of the journey to agile, digital communications. All digital touchpoints and analogue PoS can be gradually linked to form a digital hub where all data converge. This allows customers to be addressed in an increasingly precise and personalised manner.

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