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Make buying real estate an experience with Calydo's property configurator

Strategic Real Estate Marketing

An apartment configurator makes the real estate offer more appealing and tailored to the target group. It offers an easy and fun way for interested parties to choose the interior design of their dream apartment themselves using predefined options. The individually configured apartment facilitates the purchase decision and makes the sales process more efficient.

Today, when customers engage with an offer, they focus on the experience. When developing our property configurator, this consideration lay at the heart of the process. Our tool was consistently designed with the customer experience and intuitive user guidance in mind. This gives potential buyers a better understanding of what their dream property will look like. This makes it easier for them to make a purchase decision and reduces the marketing required by the seller.

Individual visualisations for every project

The visual aspects of our standardised configurator can be adapted to reflect the look and feel of each project. The solution is fully responsive, GDPR-compliant, offers CRM and BMI interfaces, and loads images quickly in high resolution.

As the configurator is independent of the real estate sector, the providers retain control of their data and they are able to benefit from data insights as early as the planning phase. This allows adjustments to be made based on the findings before construction begins and the product to be designed in a way that is more suitable for the target group.

Five good reasons to use the Calydo property configurator

  • Optimisation of marketing through data evaluation
  • Flexible and easy customisation
  • High-quality visualisations with fast loading times
  • Intuitive content management system (CMS)
  • Completely independent of the real estate sector
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