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5 reasons why UX is essential to the brand experience

Brand & Corporate Communication

User experience – UX for short – is nothing new in the world of communication. UX is the term used to describe the overall experience of a user when they visit a website or app. It therefore concerns all aspects of the interaction between the company and its current or potential customers. UX combines design and psychology to give users the best possible experience. The most important arguments for applying UX across all relevant customer touchpoints can be found here.

  1. UX design increases the conversion rate: The user-friendliness and accessibility of a website has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. There are many websites offering the same product or service. Studies show that customers often choose the one with a simple and appealing user experience.
  2. Good UX strengthens customer loyalty and brand loyalty: The more user-friendly a website's design, the longer customers stay on the page and the higher the probability that they will visit it again.
  3. UX design improves the SEO ranking of a website: An optimised combination of UX and SEO increases traffic to a website and brings more visitors to the site who are more likely to be interested in the products or services.
  4. UX design recognises and prioritises user needs: Measures to improve the user experience are always developed based on detailed analyses of the target group. This creates a world for users which they recognise from the very beginning, in which they feel understood and to which they gladly return to explore new areas.
  5. UX makes websites to be experienced across all touchpoints: Nowadays, websites are often accessed via mobile. A good responsive design, with regard to UX, is therefore essential for a pleasant user experience.

Our UX experts are involved from the start in every project and work hand in hand with copywriters, designers and developers. Ultimately, the user experience is an interplay of various factors and aspects.

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