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VR as a business tool in real estate marketing

Strategic Real Estate Marketing

Enthusiastically embraced by early adopters years ago, discussion surrounding the topic of virtual reality has increasingly faded into the background. Yet VR remains one of the biggest technology drivers of our time and from a real estate marketing perspective, one of the most promising ways to make property accessible to interested parties and really bring them to life, before they are even built.

We have been working intensively on the topic of virtual reality and its potential applications for a long time. Especially in the marketing of housing and workspaces, VR can provide a significant increase in efficiency. Usually, interested parties are able to first experience the property in a conventional way through the use of visualisations. This is where we come in. Because the more accurately you can present the expected reality, the more concrete and binding sales meetings can be. Thanks to the “Multiverse” technology developed by our partner Future Tech Labs (FTL), the supplier and interested party were able to interact with each other in virtual reality in real time for the first time ever.

What is “Multiverse” technology?

“Multiverse technology enables companies to create immersive experiences that pay off from a business perspective,” says FTL CEO San Shepherd. He adds: “Building on existing online web processes and technologies as well as buying patterns, Multiverse is revolutionising the way businesses interact with customers through VR.” The option to view apartments virtually has already existed for some time, but with the new technology, the prospective buyer does not remain alone in the property, but can be accompanied by an advisor in real time. The advisor can talk to the interested party live, answer questions or even show digital informative material.

Best practice: Marketing of the Henz site

One example of the successful use of VR technology is the marketing of the Henz site in Suhr. In cooperation with FTL, two VR tours of apartments in the Henz development were created. Prospective buyers can book an appointment for a VR tour via the website. They can choose between a short appointment of 60 minutes or a full consultation with subsequent apartment configuration, which lasts 120 minutes. The consulting team from Primus Property then guides interested parties through the premises using VR technology. They can answer questions from prospective buyers live and show sales documents. Everything is just like the real thing, only entirely virtual. This can make the search for an apartment more convenient for prospective buyers, as they can view apartments from the comfort of their own homes. And for marketers, being able to offer innovative VR tours means not only generating more leads, but most importantly, leads of a higher quality.

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